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artist_2_artist's Journal

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Welcome to artist_2_artist.

This community is closed and moderated. If you would still like to join after seeing how anal I am, and reading all the rules, please send me an email.

The Rules:

1.) NO gushy, wishy washy lip service comments, please. There are plenty of other communities for you if that's what you want. We want a positive atmoshpere at all times, but those comments really dont' help us become better artists. If you like something, great, but tell us what you like about a piece, other than "OMG THAT'S SO GREAT I<3U." Be precise.

2.) Play nice. We want constructive criticism, and advice, but we want to keep a positive fun atmosphere at all times. Anyone just being mean, or disruptive will get booted without warning or notice.

3.)Try to use lj-cuts whenever possible. All nudity or possibly offensive material must be placed behind a cut. If you are posting more than one picture, cut it. If the picture is large, once again use a cut.

4.)We don't care about your quiz results. You obviously have a personal journal. Post them there.

5.)Use discretion about what you are posting. While pictures of say, an art show or gallery opening will be allowed, pictures of your druken 21st birthday bash and the family picnic, will get you a warning. Do it again, you're gone. No questions asked. Also, nudity is allowed if it's tasteful and art related. Out and out porn will not be tolerated. Neither will camera whoring, try axis of uglies or some similar community.

6.) Keep a sense of humor and humility. You post here, you are opening yourself to criticism. Don't come crying to me if someone doesn't like your work. Just relax and have fun. We aren't here to push you down. We're here because we are fellow artists and know how hard it is, and because we want to have fun. We are here to become better artists. However, if someone is being a real jerk and not giving reasons for their comments notify me right away.

I might add more later, and will also put in something informing you how to use lj tags for those who don't know how.

So, if you still want to join after all that, send me an email.

Your friendly mod,